I’m Miriam Ortiz y Pino, Certified Professional Organizer, Simplicity Expert and Money Breakthrough Business Coach. I help you ensure that what needs doing gets done. I create simple systems that are easy to implement and work FOR you, instead of you working a system.

Whether you’re struggling to organize your work life, declutter your home, manage your time, get control of your papers, or just feel overwhelmed and frustrated with all your stuff, I will work with you to create the environment you need to do your best work and live a fuller life.

You CAN gain control over your time, stuff and space. And I’d love to show you how.

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So, you have a problem with your stuff.

Guess what, your stuff is not the problem. It’s a mindset thing.

Stop feeling frustrated and rearranging over and over. Let me show you the techniques to keep it neat for the rest of your life.

You need an integrated system: a solution so simple you might not believe it will work.

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So, you wish you had more free time.

Guess what, there is more free time than you realize. It’s a mental approach thing.

Stop feeling overwhelmed Let me show you the techniques to get more done and have more fun for the rest of your life.

Leveraging your time is the core.

A flexible system will save you hours a week.

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Almost everyone has some hang up or frustration with money.

Actually, you haven’t cracked your personal money code.

It’s a mind shift thing.

Stop feeling unsure about your financial well being, I can show you techniques to align your monetary relationships for the rest of your life.

Miriam’s Streamlined Solution

Fast, Easy, Long-Lasting Results

Simplify your life using my proprietary system, The Streamlined Solution.

  • Learn how to organize and eliminate the excess
  • Create a system to put things in the most effective place
  • Develop habits to …
  • Focus on what is important to YOU.

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What they say about Miriam and More than Organized®

“I’ve devoured it [The Streamlined Time Solution] and am implementing the weekly schedule planning, etc. I’m thrilled with this system and excited how it will help me gain more time freedom, thank you so much!”


“Miriam Ortiz y Pino can coax order from chaos. She is entrepreneurial and creative, and those characteristics allow her to see through the mess, find the tangle point and pick out the solution. She is always happy to share her experiences with humor and insight. She has made it easier for the overwhelmed masses to clear the decks and realize their visions.”

Dede FeldmanAuthor

“The Sacred Money Archetypes reading got me to really understand and accept my style of approaching money. It helped me understand my insecurities and now I have the tools to work with them. That knowledge gives me confidence, which will inevitably move me forward. I also loved seeing how my husband and I compared to regarding our money philosophy, it’s really taught me to speak to him differently about our money.”

Jill Brown